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Just hit 500 Pages- yay! by Averylilith Just hit 500 Pages- yay! by Averylilith
Yay! Yay! Yay!
For those three of you who are actually reading my story (and on DA) and those... one... of you who are actually caught up, you'll know that I'm getting close to the ending. I was just looking down at my word count for this chapter (Chapter 73-- Not enough yet) and noticed I was on page 500, this made me all happy so wala~ The main characters being happy... Well... Sasuke, Ryoto, Minaru, Kokaru, Itachi, Shima, Juro and Hotaru are happy. Natsu's just like "How is this logical?" Daiki's like "She the hell up Sasuke..." Chiho's like "Cute face!" Taijo's like "I have a water bottle B-otch, Akira's like "Eep, H-Hotaru..." *blush* and then Kenji is like "Wtf! I'm falling!"
so I have to go to bed since I got art class in the morning and it's 2:45 at night... but first ~~
I thought I would try to give everyone who hasn't read SBBA or doesn't know anything about it and actually gives a fu*k a general synopses of what it's about. :3 So ah~ Here-a we go-a~ *Mario voice if you didn't get that*
(I'm gonna make it all professional and commercially like)

Kokaru Asaya, is a 14 year old seemingly ordinary high school student, until the day she is forcefully transferred to the mysterious school in her neighborhood, Suzilia Black Blossom Academy.
Kokaru soon learns that all the students at this school share a secret-- they are all espers and she is one too.
When Kokaru and her new gang of spiritual friends are ambushed by a group of military soldiers, who seek out to capture the young espers and use their powers for their own advantage- her life soon takes a turn for the crazy side.

heh... I tried...
It sounds a little weird like that.
I dunno... let me try it again in human sounding sentences...
This is what it's about in my own lengthy descriptions of stuff with out giving anything too important away that you wouldn't know with in the first few chapters vvvvvvvvvvv

So if you didn't get it from that, my book is about espers... like the espers from... TMOHS or "The Demolished Man" (Never actually read that- just heard about it) and like... Danny Phantom and... yeah
I have a few twists in my story about what an esper actually is, I kinda mixed in a bunch of stuff that I read on the internet, along with my own understanding and things I knew already, with original ideas and blah-blah-blah...
An esper in my book is any person with special powers or abilities. There are a six main different kinds of espers;
1. Ordinary espers
-Espers whose powers were discovered with out having any blood relations to other espers, there powers normally include higher amounts of strength and flexibility, and the big one- being able to produce weapons out of light. They can usually all just shoot normal blades, sparks, and energy balls and all that kinda stuff, but most ordnairy espers will have the ability to create a costume weapon like a sword or an axe with the light the surronds them.
2. Element espers
-people who have the ability to control an element, fire, water, earth and air, but there are also time espers, treasure espers and dream espers who fall under this category aswell- They usually have a special mark somewhere on their body that shows what they are, like a moon on their shoulder or flames on their back
3. Animal espers
-People who have animal anatomy like cat ears or wings, they have special abilities relating to that animal like, running fast, or flying or like... swimming good... if they're like... a otter or something... I don't know... coupled with the ability to communicate with that animal. They usually have abilities that any ordinary esper would have as well
4. Blood espers
- Espers who have had their powers passed down from family members, they have all the same abilities as ordinary espers but are often stronger from more training and know of their powers at much younger ages.
5. One gift espers
-These are people who usually only have one special ability that dubs them an esper, such as reading minds, or being able to levitate things, sometimes more profound abilities such unlocking the powers with in another esper, or knowing exactly where in the world you need to be at what time. These espers are usually female, but male is not that rare. It is considered by some that these one gift epsers are just those who have not fully released their full power and their stronger more dominate abilities just have not awakened inside them yet- others consider that these espers are just exceptions, and with out this one ability would just be normal everyday humans.
I'm not gonna get into the sixth type for now...

I'm it writing out in novel form first, but I am planning on turning it onto a graphic novel and... it is 3:30 at night... hell, I'm not going to bed anytime soon -_- okk... uh... yeah so, I'm planning to take a year or two off when I graduate from highschool to work on it, so even if I do ever get it published, it won't be for another 4-5 years and it will only be the first volume... I think this thing will be too long to fit into one.

Anyway, so Kokaru, she's the girl with the white bangs in this picture... sideways, right in between the poorly drawn dirty-blond guy and the two gay boys hugging... yep, that's her. That's the main character... only it's not going to be drawn in this style... when it's... drawn... I'll be using whatever style I'll have when I'm 18. :[
So urm... like I said in my weird advisement thing, she's forcefully transferred to this school she knows nothing about called Suzilia yeah yeah... yaah... you read that already...
(The name of the school is what I'm calling the name of the book right now, Suzilia Black Blossom Academy, sometimes just SBBA, Suzilia, Suzlia Black Blossom, Black Blossom, or just... my book... but I don't actually have a detente title yet. I'm gonna name it when it's finished.)
So she like... goes to this school where there are only six other students, all boys. Hotaru, Akira, Minaru, Itachi and the twins; Kenji and Ryoto. The only teacher who is also principle of the school and Minaru's grandfather, Toshihiro gets kidnapped... or... I guess... oldmannapped... and they have to go save him, this turns into like this big thing where they have to run away because the same people who kidnapped him are hunting them down and they end up running all around the world encountering the rest of the characters, which will just seem like names to you... Shima, Juro, Taijo, Daiki, Sasuke, Chiho, Natsu, (not in this picture: ) Sayuri, Chouko & Yumi, Racel/Yuki, Kana, Satomi, Terra, Kiah, Josh, Botan, Sevra, Aldon, Liz, Jeremy, Mark, Sandy, Timothy Right, Dr. Maitenly, Beatrice, Captain Fisher, Tamoyo, Rei, Mr. Cotang... and possible some people I haven't introduced yet and anyone else I missed...
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Those are names of people you don't know ^w^
Anyway... that's just a list of characters that a lot of which don't really have any importance to the story it self and a lot of which aren't even introduced till like chapter 60 and some are only mentioned like less then five times...

So that's all I'm really gonna say. If you wanna know more about it then you'll have to wait till it comes out in a billion years, or you know... you can just ask nicely... I'll probably tell you...

Ahhh my head is so itchy! It feels really weird... maybe I have lice or something. That would suck... balls... anyway, it's 3:55 now... I should... got to bed...
sorry I bored you with all that, I just love this story and I can't wait for other people to love it too :3
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It's been 45 pages since this was drawn.
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and 24090 words!
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Haha, I'm talking to myself.
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Woot! 500 pages of pure epicness.
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i love it
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